What does acupuncture feel like?3789191_xl-300x256

Ultra-fine needles are used and bear no resemblance to syringe needles, or the needles used when having a blood test.   There may be a sensation when the needle engages with the body’s energy force at the acupuncture point.  This may be in the form of a dull ache or a tingling feeling.

Is it safe?

The results of two independent surveys published in the British Medical Journal, (2001), concluded that the risk of serious adverse reaction to acupuncture is extremely rare.

Single-use, disposable, sterile needles are used.  The British Acupuncture Council’s Code of Safe Practice is adhered to at all times.

How many sessions will I need?

Frequency and length of treatment depends on your individual condition.  The number of treatments will depend on whether the condition or symptoms are chronic or acute and the strength of the body’s energy.

Once the symptoms are alleviated, it is common for patients to return for maintenance treatments at three or six monthly intervals, as a preventative measure, and to help keep the body in balance.

How long will the session be?

Your first session lasts for approximately 90 minutes. Subsequent treatments are up to 60 mins.

Do I have to believe in acupuncture, for it to work?

No.  Whether or not you believe in acupuncture – it will not affect the outcome of your treatment.

Having a positive attitude however, is likely to assist the healing process, but it is not a prerequisite for treatment.

Does acupuncture work?

British Acupuncture Council research fact sheets give information on current research into the effectiveness of acupuncture and conditions treated.