How Acupuncture Works

Traditional acupuncture is a healthcare system based on ancient principles.

Central to Chinese Medicine is a vital energy known as Qi.  It is the energy that gives us life.  Qi energy is concentrated in channels that flow through our entire body.  Disruption to this flow of energy results in illness and pain.  Acupuncture aims to correct imbalances in the flow of Qi by the stimulation of anatomical locations known as acupuncture points.
5169131_xxl-300x300By placing fine needles into acupuncture points, the movement of Qi in the channels is affected.  The aim is to stimulate the body’s ability to self-heal.

Five Element acupuncture uses strategic points to unblock, build and transfer energy, or qi, in order to improve physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, based on a fundamental system of thought that applies the laws and patterns of nature to the human body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks at functional disharmony within the body and a diagnosis is made by observation of the patient’s tongue and pulse.

In TCM the energy of each organ is assessed in order to determine which are out of balance.

The Dr Tan Balance Method is comprised of five systems based on channel theory which has its origins in classical acupuncture and yields instant results.  It is a three step treatment strategy that provides logical, precise and effective stimulation of acupuncture points (far away from the injured site) in order to treat physical and emotional disorders.  It is rooted in the concept of healing the body by balancing the meridians.