“I went to see Denise just before Xmas last year as I had tried EVERYTHING to calm a bad flare up of my eczema down as nothing helped.

Denise told me from the outset that she would be able to help and was honest enough to say that every case is different and we would just have to see how things went. My response was immediate and I was amazed how quickly her treatment helped me. Denise showed great knowledge of acupuncture and explained everything in detail while treating me which helped me understand what she was doing to get the required result.

I have since had 2 rejuvenating treatments and again have been stunned by the difference in my skin – my face and neck were noticeably dry and flaking before I came to Denise and this has changed quite drastically- I am DELIGHTED with the results. I hope to carry on seeing Denise on a regular basis as to help keep my skin at its best for the future.
I can’t recommend Denise enough and know that she will be able to help those in need.”

Vicky Glasgow

“I had great difficulty closing my hands and bending my fingers towards my palm and decided to have acupuncture. Denise was recommended to me. After the second treatment the left hand closed completely. The right hand has taken a bit longer but there is a vast improvement after four treatments – it is 50% better.”

John Glasgow

“When I got Bell’s Palsy I was lucky enough to be told by a friend that acupuncture helps. I found Denise and now within a month most of the paralysis is gone!  In fact during each session Denise asked me to do facial movements before, during and after she put the needles in: As soon as the needles were in I noticed more movement and control. Thank you Denise!”

Sid Glasgow

“After several attempts by GP’s to diagnosis and treat my condition, I took the right advice and asked Denise to try acupuncture and Chinese medicine on me. The treatment from Denise was like a breath of fresh air and I trust her implicitly. I have continued to see Denise for various minor (and not so minor) ailments and count every session a success. Her understanding of my issues discussed in layman terms, have proved effective and in one particular case, life changing”

Angie, Glasgow

“After a year of ill health I began treatment with Denise (who had been recommended by a friend) and I’ve been delighted by the results. She has been treating me for two months and I continue, each week, to get stronger and healthier both mentally and physically. I had surgery on my left knee six months ago and was scheduled to have surgery on my right knee which I’ve now cancelled due to the significant improvement from acupuncture. There has been a 70% reduction in pain and I now no longer need to to take painkillers. My only regret is that I didn’t discover Denise earlier. I look forward to our weekly session and I am already feeling the accumulative effects of the treatments. I feel rejuvenated!  Denise is a wonderful, gifted soul who is passionate and dedicated to helping her patients. The holistic approach that she offers with acupuncture has been a revelation and I really can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Sally, Glasgow

“I have Type 2 Diabetes and have just been to the doctor for my annual check up. To mine and the doctor’s surprise my Diabetes is virtually non existent.  He showed me the chart and it was at zero. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was having acupuncture.  He told me to continue as it was working.”

M Smith. Glasgow

“I am 57 years old and in recent years have been through both physical and mental hard times – problems ranging from the death of my beloved Mum to a double spinal fracture.  So poor Denise has her work cut out with me, but after only a few sessions I’m reaping the benefits; although I know there is a way to go yet.  I have learned not to expect everything instantly.  It took me quite some time to get into this state, so it will be a while before I’m back to my best, I daresay.

Denise is a wonderful soul – kind, professional, funny, darned accurate and passionate about what she does so very well.  I am delighted to recommend her most highly!”

Lucy Jane, Glasgow

“Denise has treated me a couple of times recently.  First time was curiosity, as I had never experienced acupuncture before.  Second time I had a horrible virus and was having extreme difficulties with my sinuses and breathing.  Sleeping was also a problem for me.

Who would have thought that needles could be so relaxing? Denise was very professional, warm and caring from the start of the consultation, through to end of treatment.  Denise had carefully measured and positioned the needles where she wanted them to be, by which point I was very quiet, calm and comfortable.  I’m not the laidback, chilled type of person by nature.  However, by the end of treatment, I felt as if I was floating on clouds.  I also had the best night’s sleep I’d had in weeks; to the point of snoring.

I would definitely have acupuncture again and would highly recommend Denise to anyone.  She has a great knowledge and understanding of her work and has a wonderfully kind manner with patients.  It is also lovely to experience that someone genuinely wishes to help people; and Denise does just that.”

Tracy, Glasgow

“ I am 27 years old and for two and a half years I have had body aches. Even the doctors did not know the reason. Sometimes the pain was so strong I couldn’t walk. I lay in bed all the time – no mood and energy for anything. Already after the third meeting with Denise my mood is much better. Now the pains are gone and I can live normally as before.”

Mariola, Glasgow

“I feel like a new woman and everyone says how much better I’m looking after having treatment with Denise.  My aches and pains have gone.  The doctor has even taken me off my blood pressure tablets.  I feel years younger and cannot speak too highly of acupuncture.  The benefits are wonderful.”

Maureen, Glasgow